Gerry in The Pacemakers.


As an English musician and popular tv personality, Gerry Marsden is well known as the leader of British band Gerry & the Pacemakers. Born in 1942, in Liverpool which is the same place as where The Beatles were formed! His career consists of a string of hit singles, and even a solo career and some time spent acting on tv. One of his famous his is ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ which was even adopted by football clubs as their anthems.



Being in a band may seem glamorous, exciting and rebellious, but it isn’t easy. It requires a lot of commitment and time, both to your goal as a band and to your bandmates. And sometimes it might get a little too much, as a lot of band memebers tend to spend 24/7 together, and that’s because it’s just easier that way, for the Manager and for the group as they go around promoting themselves and their songs. Members have to support each other through tough times, but also celebrate the good times.



As a solo artist you alone will get all the glory and recognition, but at the same time when the going gets tough, you’ll probably have to deal with it alone. But when things are going well, you know that all your hard work is paying off.

Different people want different things, for example some might want to be in a band for the commadarie of having bandmates, whilst others want the spotlight for themselves and so work alone.

If it all becomes too much for you, all the hectic travelling, chaotic organising and you’re working yourself to the bone, yet you can’t just slip back into being an Ordinary Joe, then a low-profile career on tv might be the anser. This way you can still get some of the fame and fortune as an artist, but the work ethic is different. Who knows? Maybe you’ll want to be singing until you’re old and grey, or a career change in tv might be just what you need.


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